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The MYTH: You have to love selling to sell with ease.


What's true is you simply need to master two things:


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 Are any of these statements a place where you are struggling?


  • You have invested in courses, classes and created your programs now what?
  • Your business is still in my head. Where do I start? 
  • Your business is growing and you desire more of that please?
  • What are the 3 C's? Clarity, Connection and the Close. 
  • You struggle with the sales because you don’t enjoy it.
  • You feel like you are not good at selling.
  • Your products and offers are ready to sale or maybe your stuck somewhere in the creation of them.
  • Your fears and doubts about making mistakes that prevent you from closing the sell.
  • You feel lost, scared, or stuck in your entrepreneurial pursuit.
  • You started the selling process and your not having fun.
  • You’re working but feels like you are spinning your wheels.
  • You are tired of all the sales tactics, courses, scripts that just don’t work for you.
  • You to want have support and weekly accountability with someone that keeps you choosing more.


Did you answer YES to any of them?

Then you're ready to master these next two things.

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This is an in-depth 12 weeks, 90 days of action

and a lot of one-on-one coaching


This is not limited to just coaches.  

This is for you if you are seeker, finder, empath, leader, visionary, dreamer, creator or for

women who are here to make a difference in the world.

Do you sell products, a service or your involved in network marketing?

Are starting a business, even if the business is just a thought in your head?



  Are You Ready to Include the Elements

of Energy to Your Business?


  • The basis of the universe is energy. Are you including this in what you are choosing to create?
    Are you ready to learn tools that will create ease in your life?
  • Everything you say, everything you think and everything you do generates what occurs in your life. Whatever you choose puts the energy of the universe the energy of consciousness into action and that is what showing up in your life. This is what your life looks like in this moment.
  • I will be using energetic modalities. Over 30 years of my experience. You will learn how to add amazing tools from Access Consciousness. I will be sharing my gifts and abilities seeing the energy of where you are sticking yourself.
    You will learn the questions that break down your blockages and limitations.

Energetics of Selling 

  • The energy behind your ZooM-Ekking.
  • If you don't know what that is ya need to!!
  • 3 major energetic game-changers to use daily
  • learn daily energy pulls
  • the energy & beliefs underneath why you aren't charging enough
  • getting over the fear, doubt, and guilt of selling
  • getting over try, need, want and lack.
  • selling without judging yourself the whole way through
  • target vs goals
  • understand the power of a choice vs a decision  


Sales Techniques and Style

  • words to eliminate in your business
  • what are the 3 C's clarity, connection and the close?
  • learn your sales style 
  • daily energy brain dump
  • what is a discovery call that will work for you?
  • learning to receive money with ease
  • systems to support selling
  • what will make the difference between the 1%'s and the others



Master the Energetics of Selling

  • Are you a Creator, Connector, Mover, Foundational?
  • What is your DiSC®  personality? (D)ominance, (I)nfluence, (S)teadiness, (C)onscientiousness?
  • What have you defined success as, that keeps you from having it?
  • What does selling mean to you?
  • What if selling was fun?
  • What if it was so much more than you ever decided was possible?
  • What are your feelings, opinions, and points of view about sales?
  • Do you limit your abilities and gifts when selling your coaching, courses, products, and yourself? 
  • Do you judge yourself?
  • Are you doing imposter syndrome?
  • Are you willing to receive success?

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Everything is possible. The only thing that is stopping you is, YOU!



I'm Lynnae Ann Velasquez

I have been there and so many of my clients were in the struggle, too. I worked and changed that struggle so it no longer exists in my life. I enjoy working with female entrepreneurs and seekers grow thriving businesses and healthy relationships. I am so glad to be asked share and pass on my experience, strength with them.  One of my greatest gifts is the ability to see beyond the words to uncover limitations.

Over the past 30 years I've been in personal transformation work. I enjoyed 20 years with Mary Kay Cosmetics, a top Sales Director coaching hundreds of women and empowering them to become mentally, emotionally stronger and to operate their own successful businesses.  


Energetic coaching sessions bring a fast resolution for personal and business awareness. This creates transformation for a radical change in your life and business with ease. This coaching is a nonlinear process that assist clients looking for “something more”.

Energetic coaching and facilitation help you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining habits, behaviors, and goals. I will facilitate you into your deep-rooted beliefs. I will teach tools for continued integration finding your own answers tuning into your own awareness and intuition and uncovering your own points of views and limitations. Change the energy and transform your life with more ease and joy!

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What's Included:


12 - Weekly 60 Minute Group Zoom Calls 

What can we create? Each call has a topic and open conversation and questions. Re-listen to the recordings for even more change.

(Value $2,364)


1- Monthly Private 60 Minute Strategy Session

These one-to-one sessions can be about anything you desire!  Strategy, a new plan of action. There is nothing you can’t talk about. Release core energy beliefs which create the limitation you have been creating. You will receive practical tools to change your problems into possibilities. (Value $591)


1 - Monthly Private Laser Focused 30 Minute Clearing and Clarity Session

These sessions -change your life, ask questions gain clarity, open up possibilities. (Value $300)


3 - Month Invitation to the Phenomenal Women Community

You have in your hands one of the most powerful groups for daily change.

FIVE days a week we practice daily tools for creating clarity and change in your life.

6 hours each month of coaching, energy clearing and transformation and amazing conversation.

Additional Bonus: monthly group calls with the phenomenal group of women creators.

As members you are eligible for discounts for additional classes and Access bodywork. Total 18 hours (Value $2955)


Telegram group with access to Lynnae during the 12 weeks. 


Over 34 hours of live coaching with Lynnae.

This is not a course to just watch on videos. Show up and be present for the phenomenal change as we co-create.

Your Action Is Required!

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Kim Frazer- Entrepreneur
Lynnae is a very open vessel of love. She is so willing to help you through anything that stops you. Sometimes we don’t know what stops us but her gift to laser into those limitations is amazing. Amazing breakthroughs occur! She has helped me move mountains and will continue to do so she is my true-life coach!!!

Michele Ruppert 

Holistic Health Practitioner/Retired Navy
“Lynnae helped me get out of my head with over-thinking everything. Instead of getting stuck in doubts and overwhelmed with details with projects, now I ask more open-ended questions. Lynnae's powerful individual  sessions and courses work!!! 
Marcie Vickers -
Labor & Delivery RN
"I have shifted every area of my life- Money, relationship, work, family. Places I didn't know I had negative beliefs and struggle. I'm not even the same person I am at ease in my life. Every day in the group my mind is opened. I get to choose to keep clearing my limitations.”
Nicole Shellhammer
Nuclear / Chemical Engineer Access Bars Facilitator 
Lynnae is an awesome coach. I have loved individual coaching with her as well as her group classes. I highly recommend Lynnae as a coach.  In here classes She knows how to reach each person individually to really help them make progress with their emotions, life, and business. She is the real deal!
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Yours Today!


  • 12 Weekly Group 60 Minute Zoom Calls (Value $2,364)

  • 1 Private 60 minute strategy sessions each month (Value $591)

  • 2 Private laser focused 30 minute clearing and clarity sessions each month (Value $300)

  • 3-month invitation to the Phenomenal Women Community. (Total 18 hours value $2955

  • Telegram  Group with access to Lynnae during the 12 weeks.

  • Over 34 hours of live coaching with Lynnae. This is not a course to just watch on videos. Show up for the phenomenal change as we co-create. Your action is required!

  • Total Value $6,800

  • 3 monthly payment option available




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