About Me

Hi, I’m Lynnae Ann, a mother of two incredible human beings named Zachery 23 and Justin 18. But I am much more than just their mother of course. As a full-time stay at home entrepreneur, I operated my business their entire lifetime and I enjoyed every moment. I worked very hard at keeping in balance a marriage, running a business and being a full-time mother.      

I spent 20 years as a Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Coaching hundreds and hundreds of women to help them become mentally and emotionally stronger to operate their own businesses. Prior to that, I spent 11 years running a holistic health and healing business. Where I learned the practice of Body, Mind and Spirit and how it is all connected. All of this is not without struggles and I did have challenges to overcome in my own life.

During the past 30 years I stayed active and grounded in my own recovery. I dealt with alcoholism, depression and an eating disorder. Learning to live with her life experiences, life later challenged me with two divorces. It's by the grace of God, I learned patience to live a day at a time.

In my pursuit to ground my life, I have masterfully learned to utilize programs, education, Access Consciousness tool, and modalities. This knowledge along with life experience has enabled me to educate my clients in ways to help them control their thoughts and get themselves out of their own head. I teach them to get themselves out of the judgments of other people’s words and move on from the beliefs they may feel stuck in and achieve greater success.

I am a consciously aware, sensitive and deep caring woman whose life purpose is to share my experience, strength, education, and hope with everyone.

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Max and I

A beautiful day in sunny Arizona.

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Lipstick anyone?  

It's my favorite color!

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My Boys!  

A holiday together. 

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