Welcome to a 8-week transformative course that will offer you clarity and teach you the energetics required for personal alignment. Empowering you to open doors to manifest everything your heart desires.

If you are ready for a deep dive into new steps, processes, energetic tools that guide you through clearing your energy, releasing the past, setting energetic boundaries in your life, relationships and business.  And to no longer work harder and hustle more, or being hard on yourself.


Then this is for you!
Being masterful with yourself and your creations so that you can manifest anything your desire. 


Master Your Own Energy

"You Are Power"

In this course you will:
Discover your unique creating process where the mastery becomes opportunity.

This 6 week live course will help you eliminate your confusion, self sabotage, imposter syndrome, inner conflict, judgment, and ignite your knowing of how to create anything in your life.
In this course, you’ll learn how to optimize your energy, get into the zone, and create more with less effort. 

The art of mastering your energy, you can say goodbye to distractions, energetic addictions and frustrations as you embark on your journey to realize your wildest dreams. 


This program is for you if…

  • Ready to Release everything that has held you back.
  • Ready to Resolve inner conflicts once and for all.
  • Ready to have clarity on your future and your choices.
  • Ready to Increase your  receiving and have more money.
  • Ready to embrace your intuition, knowning your vision. Suited for those with natural intuition. Even if you haven’t fully embraced it yet.
  • You have defined yourself by your role. And you know you are so much more than that.
  • You know it’s possible, but haven’t been able to manifest it.
  • Your Ready to Master Your Energy by knowing what energy is and what your energy is.
  • And it is time to come out of hiding and protecting yourself and your business.



HELLO, I'M Lynnae!

For the last 32 years, I have navigated my way through various life challenges, including actively participating in daily recovery, leaving an abusive marriage, raising two children as a single mom, and overcoming financial ruin.

And here’s what I’ve learned: No matter what you’ve been through or where you are right now, the truth is, there is nothing wrong with you and you can still have the life you desire.

As a transformational coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women experience personal transformations they never dreamed possible simply by guiding them to a greater self-awareness.

Through my focused approach, I help you access and align your energy in a way that begins attracting that which you desire.

Today, I get to live a life I love and cherish. I enjoy a wonderful marriage, traveling, creating, and teaching others what I have spent so many years learning myself.

Your dream life is waiting for you and it is time for you to claim it. (above: Italy with Max July 2023)

If you are ready to disrupt the old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, I am here to guide the way. Join me in living a life full of peace, joy and abundance.

Lynnae, Your Growth Junkie Coach


What if the next 8 weeks is the beginning of something different?

What if you started to identify where you where leaking your power to?

That which weakens life energy is shame, guilt, confusion, fear, hatred, pride, hopelessness. new way of experiencing life by learning to master your energies and that everything you think, feel, judge or have decided does not affect what you choose!



Picture this...

✅You have cleared in clutter from your past and are creating for your future self.

✅You are clear about your life, you have no doubt, you will just know what works for you, and judgment will slip away.

You have ended the people pleasing and are doing the exact things you where meant for.

✅ When you master your energy, you master you you begin to discover what is important to you with your energetic priorities. 

✅ Knowing exactly what choices creates and how to continually  choose for you.

✅ The art of mastering your own energy will create a life that lights you up?



One choice (like this one) has the potential to transform your entire life.

And I truly mean it. I’ve worked with women whose lives were completely changed, and it all started choosing what shows up that will change what you have been asking for. I invite you to open your heart and your mind and BELIEVE that what’s possible for others...Is possible for YOU.

If your life feels like “something’s missing”, you OWE it to yourself and your future to take a chance and do something about it, NOW!

Are You Seeking To:

  1. Achieve Clarity - eliminate any confusion about your creative process.
  2. Attain Alignment - harmonize with the potential you recognize.
  3. Manifest Everything You Desire - put an end to denying yourself the abundance within reach.
  4. Develop Intuitive Ease - eliminate the self-doubt struggle.
  5. Cease Struggling to Change - discover faster ways to create and actualize.
  6. Experience an Enhanced Life - without pushing or forcing, you naturally begin to effortlessly attain your desires.
  7. Let Go of the Need to Conform - bid farewell to people-pleasing and making choices based on others' expectations.
  8. Embrace Your Authentic Self - become more genuinely you.
  9. Find It Easier to Embrace Lightness - lighten up your life.

Live from the perspective of being an energetic creator. When you have a clear vision of the life you want, free from doubt or excuses, you can bridge any gap in your current reality.

Join us in bridging those gaps as you explore your unique creative abilities – your way!

Create Your Energy Board



"Master Your Own Energy"

You Are Power 


Embark on a transformative journey with Lynnae in this dynamic 8-week live course! Elevate your energy, master manifestation, and unleash success in both your life and business effortlessly.

Seize the opportunity now – secure your exclusive price today and gear up for a phenomenal transformation! 

This 8 week live course with Lynnae will master and raise your energy to manifest your life and business with ease.

Pre-registration rate!


2 monthly payments

  • 8 Weekly 1 Hour Group Zoom Calls.
  • 3 Private-30 Minute Sessions. (Value $250)
  • BONUS : Two months access in the Phenomenal Women Wealthy Community. 14 hours of facilitation(value $1400)
  • Weekly Workbook
  • Vision Board template to set your energy for 2024
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community where all session recordings will be readily available.
Additionally, take advantage of our "Buy Now, Pay Later" option through Afterpay. 
Or Two payment option available.

Value over $3,250




If you absolutely can’t make it live, all the recorded call will be available and posted in the Facebook group and in your private library.


No, you don’t. All calls are on Zoom. If you prefer telegram that is available too.

Cate Ortiz


I am incredibly grateful that Lynnae came into my life during a challenging period. I was dealing with a profound loss and found myself focused on ensuring the well being of everyone around me and neglecting my own needs. Lynnae helped me recognize that I have the power to make choices every moment of every day. I gained valuable tools to ground myself and create a more fulfilling life. One of the most significant transformations I experienced is tapping into my own energetic being. With Lynnae’s guidance I learned how to harness this energy and use it to manifest positive changes in my life. Working with Lynnae has been a truly transformative experience. I recommend her services to anyone seeking to regain control of their life, tap into their inner potential, and cultivate a more expansive mindset. Aug. 2023

Michele Kostos 

Business Coach

The Expansion Accelerator course with Lynnae helped me gained clarity on what I have been wanting to expand into with my life and business and what that feels like in my body. When I received clarity and awareness, change became more simple.

Lynnae is very uniquely gifted in asking intuitive questions to bring awareness and shifts. 2023  


Brooke Jenkins 

Independent Certified Optavia Coach

I began working with Lynnae and Growth Junkie Coaching for over a year. I cannot express how amazing this has been for me, my energy and my business already!  I love how intuitive she is and how she can facilitate in a supportive way to create the growth you desire! I can not get enough of what I'm learning and implementing.  

I would highly recommend working with her to start creating more of everything you desire in your life! 2022


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