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Show Me The Money Creating Wealth and Abundance

How often do you make statements about money? 

“I don’t have any. ”“I can’t afford it!”“I have too much month left at the end of my paycheck.”“I’ve spent all my money.”

Do any of these statements feel light to you at all?  That’s because they’re conclusions, decisions and judgments. When the universe hands out money, it might just skip the bank accounts of the people saying these things.

  • I will facilitate money clearings for you to remove the energetic blocks with Access Consciousness tools.
  • You will establish future tools to create.
  • What would it take for more cash to show up in my bank accounts right away?
  • All my clients who have implemented these tools have increased the flow of cash.
  • You will learn how to transform your financial reality

Join Zoom Meeting for 3 live zooms -All calls will be recorded and available for you.

Show Me The Money Calls

June 15th 12:00 pm PST
June 22nd 12:00 pm PST
June 29th 12:00 pm PST

Choose what will generate lots of money, now and in the future? 


What People Are Saying:

“ Lynnae is an awesome coach. I have loved individual coaching with her as well as her group classes. Her classes have helped me to have an entirely new point of view about money. And today, I now have an ease with money in my life that I never knew was possible before! I have learned so much from the 10 keys to creating wealth and abundance, her class on Energetics of Money, and her class on How to Become Money Workbook. I highly recommend these classes and Lynnae as a coach. She knows how to reach each person individually too to really help them make progress with their emotions, life and business! She is the real deal 👌”

Nicole Shellhammer Pache