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The Phenomenal Women Community


You can participate in seven hours of life-changing, energy-shifting live interactions with Lynnae in our private Facebook group or Telegram channel. This transformative experience is valued at $1182.

  • Here's what you'll receive: Embrace the enchantment and marvels that unfold when you make a daily commitment to yourself. Through the practice of showing up for yourself, you'll unearth a world of transformation.

  • Every month, a fresh topic and energetic clearing await your exploration. Get prepared to embark on a journey of co-creation, shaping the life and existence that resonates with your deepest desires.

  • Join Lynnae live every Monday to Friday or catch the replays at your convenience. These live calls span 10 to 20 minutes, delivering impactful insights.

  • Access our Private Facebook Page, a treasure trove with 3 years of past videos and topics for your exploration.

  • Also live on Telegram.

  • As a bonus, delight in a one-hour group call each month, centered around the current topic. This time offers additional coaching and clearings, enhancing your experience.

  • Discounted Private sessions 20% off

  • Elevate and expand your journey with us.

  • Explore the realm of Access Consciousness tools that serve to amplify your true essence. These tools, coupled with a myriad of other modalities and teachings, will be your guide to usher in phenomenal changes that align with your aspirations.

  • Unleash your potential and watch  your magic unfold.

This totals 7 hours of live content, valued at $1182. 

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What People Are Saying:

I enjoy knowing I’m working on clearing blocks all week long so that my finances can improve.

Gee Laguna

Lynnae is a gift to the planet and a blessing to me. The daily clearings in her Phenomenal Women community have allowed me to become aware of layers of beliefs that I held tightly and did not serve me personally or in business. I have been part of this membership for several years. I've taken her many of her classes and private sessions and countless daily clearings. Lynnae has the ability to read energy and give you the space to become aware yourself and choose to cut away previous belief systems!!!! This creates more awareness and a bigger space for yourself. Thank you Lynnae for obliterating your box and facilitating access!!

Dara Stringer

“Lynnae helped me get out of my head with over-thinking everything. Instead of getting stuck in doubts and overwhelmed with details with projects, now I ask more open-ended questions. Lynnae's powerful individual sessions and courses work!!!

Michele Ruppert -Holistic Health Practitioner / Retired Navy

Lynnae helped me gained clarity on what I have been wanting to expand into with my life and business and what that feels like in my body. When I received clarity and awareness, change became more simple. Lynnae is very uniquely gifted in asking intuitive questions to bring awareness and shifts.

Michele Kostos - Business Coach

Lynnae is a very open vessel of love. She is so willing to help you through anything that stops you. Sometimes we don’t know what stops us but her gift to laser into those limitations is amazing. Amazing breakthroughs occur! She has helped me move mountains and will continue to do so she is my true-life coach!!!

Kim Frazer