Whatever you want to change, experience, shift, uncover, discover, explore, acknowledge, discard, destroy and create to expand for greater possibilities is available for you within the daily energy clearings and 30x30 Day challenge.

Today is the day to step into the Phenomenal Woman you are truly meant to be.


Phenomenal Results Unique To You

Daily Tools

Each month a new energetic clearing is selected. You are facilitated 30x a day for 30 days to get clear on what you would like your life to be! 


30-Day Community Challenge with Women from all over the world create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives and business every month.

Live On Facebook Group

Monday- Friday Lynnae is live with you. You have in your hands one of the most powerful tools for creating clarity, and unlimited possibilities.

30 Day Challenge $30


One Hour Coaching & Facilitation Group Zoom with me every third Friday of each month.

Monthly Membership is a total of 6 hours of facilitation, coaching and conversation.


The 30 Day Challenge & daily personal and business developments began to elevate your consciousness and tap into your unlimited possibilities.

I will share Access Consciousness tools that will give you more of you. Along with many other modalities to create the phenomenal changes you are requesting.

Clarity - The energy you are that will assist you asking what is required daily for you to manifest what it is that you desire. 

Belief - The mindset and questions to eliminate your limited points of view.  

Energetic Mastery- The missing element for creating everything with ease. 

There is magic and miracles in the daily practice of showing up for yourself. 


The Phenomenal Women Creators Community is on-going. Choose just 30 days or keep creating with us every month. You will find yourself quickly showing up as the gift and phenomenance YOU truly are.  

You will start to perceive the energy of creating with an ease you didn't even know was possible. Phenomenance is the ability to create that which is far beyond this reality.  

"What have you been doing to keep you from choosing your Miracles and Phemonenace?  

30 days and you can change anything if you are willing.  

See you in The Phenomenal Creator Community.


30 Days Can Change Anything $30

Kim Frazer

Lynnae is a very open vessel of love. She is so willing to help you through anything that stops you. Sometimes we don’t know what stops us but an outsider’s point of view to look at our own point of view on where we might judge moves mountains! When we can dissipate our judgment and turn it into pure love starting with self… Amazing breakthroughs occur! She has helped me move mountains and will continue to do so she is my true-life coach!!!

Teri Martin

Working with Lynnae has changed my life! I have a healthy, fun, respectful relationship with money. I know how to unstick myself when I feel stuck. I recognize when I feel overwhelmed by some aspect of my business and have learned how to banish the heaviness of being overwhelmed so that I can function from a space of lightness and ease. I have learned to ask myself, "Who does that energy belong to?" If it is not mine, I return it back to sender. Energetic coaching is amazing! The best part is the immediate feedback I feel in my body. As Lynnae always says, does it feel heavy or light? Working Lynnae at Growth Junkie Coaching is light!


It is through your "choice" which is your superpower and commitment to develop new tools strengthen what is working and awareness of your daily mindset, processes to elevate consciousness and awareness to function from a new reality with greater possibilities.

These practices will change your daily behaviors and will enable you to make any area of your life what you truly desire. 


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