Phenomenal Results Unique To You

Anything can change in 30 days


Clarity -The energy you are will assist you in asking what is required daily for you to manifest what it is that you desire. 
Belief - Stronger mindset and the right questions to eliminate your barriers, energy blocks, limited points and your limitations. 
Energetic Mastery- The missing element for creating everything with ease. 
Pragmatic Psychology Sessions - Reality-Shifting in 30 minutes sessions. Empower Your Personal Development Path.
The Phenomenal Women Community is on-going.  
Choose just 30 days or keep creating with us every month. You will find yourself quickly showing up as the gift and phenomenance YOU truly are. 


There is magic and miracles in the daily practice of showing up for yourself. 

Learn Access Consciousness tools that will give you more of you. Along with many other modalities and teachings to create the phenomenal changes you are requesting. Each month a new topic and energetic clearing is selected. Get ready to create the life & living YOU truly desire.

Daily Tools

Lynnae is live Monday - Friday. Learn what showing up for yourself will shift & change so quickly & with total ease. You will start to perceive the energy of creating with an ease you didn't even know was possible. You have in your hands the most powerful tools for creating clarity, and unlimited possibilities. 

What Can Pragmatic Sessions Create in Your World? 

Add On Two Monthly Reality-Shifting 30 minute sessions. This form of coaching with Lynnae expands your life and business in ways that other forms of coaching doesn't.


Live On Facebook Group

Monday- Friday Lynnae is live with you. Join live or catch the replay daily.

Live calls range from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the daily conversation. She will facilitate in each call for daily change, with energy clearings, questions and to create clarity and a bit of weirdness and crazy too!



One hour coaching & facilitation group Zoom with me 2nd Friday of each month.  Call focuses on the current topic. They involve deeper dive into the topic, more facilitation and clarity. 


Monthly Membership

Total of 6 hours of facilitation, clearings, coaching and conversation during the month. Value over $1,000 



As members of the Phenomenal Women membership you receive discounts for classes, private session and bodywork. 

Everything can change. Anything is possible. The question is, will you choose it?





6 hours of monthly group coaching & facilitation. Value $1182

  • Lynnae is live Monday- Friday. 9:00 am pst. Join live or catch replays. Live calls range from 10 to 20 minutes
  • Private Facebook Page . You have 2 yrs of past video's and topics to view.
  • Bonus Call one hour group call a month focused on the current topic. More coaching and clearings during this time.   
  • As members you receive great discounts for classes, private session and Access bodywork.

Hello and Welcome!  

I am Lynnae Ann Velasquez, you may know me personally, or you’re a client, or you have been asking for something different. HERE I AM! Maybe someone told you about my company Growth Junkie Coaching, you may be in recovery or have read a Access book or two, you found the Access Consciousness® website or received an Access Bars™ session from me or another facilitator. 
However, you got here you are in the right place! The Phenomenal Women Community can lead you to something you’ve never experienced before in your life.  
Access Consciousness™ and the tools have added to my life, recovery, business and living in a way that no other personal development modality has with such ease. Over 30 years of my personal journey of transformational work (to many modalities to mention) nothing has cleared the blocks, beliefs, and limited thinking I had. All I knew was things were shifting immediately right then and there and I wanted more.  
So here is an invitation to grow and expand your life business and living with me. You will learn  profound mind-expanding tools that will change your reality? 

Elena Correia

Vocal Teacher, Mom, Singer

Lynnae you are a BADASS!! I love your energy and what you do  for women. I can take you everywhere on Facebook and 10 to 15 minutes changes me!

The price for this group is incredible for what you provide us.

Kim Frazer

Mindset Coach/Motivational Speaker/Sales Director

Self-growth-more money. The morning connection gets my day started with a positive mindset.*Fast track of change* Community*Major change is always happening in this group.

Michele Ruppert

Structural Integration/ Energetic Body Work Retired Navy

I like to have a place to check in to 5 days a week. Hearing you keeps me connected and wanting more. So much has changed in my world.


Are ready to: 

Gain massive clarity on what you want in life?

Then the Phenomenal Women Community is for YOU!

Phenomenal Women Membership


6 hours of monthly group coaching & facilitation


What would you like your life to be like?