Did you know you can re-wire and shift the energy to create new thinking patterns?

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What if you could clear away everything that has been limiting you?

Lynnae will teach you the right questions to ask yourself instead of searching for the WHY or THE PROBLEM.

 When you ask the right question or think about something that is limiting you or not working for you there is an energy that comes up. Questions empower and creates change  - searching for an answer dis-empowers and keeps you stuck.

It's a bit like de-fragging a computer. The energy comes, you run the tools, clearing statement, body process and then you have a whole lot more space from which to create anything you choose.                       

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Are you looking for something different?

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We'll take a deep look at what you have been doing to change or grow.

Are you ready start a business, work on a relationship, take your business to a higher level, increase your income, resolve marriage problems, release alcohol or drug addictions or issues with food? I can support you with all aspects of your life.

Are you ready and WILLING to work from a personal space of awareness? We call that being willing to be in "consciousness" and learn how to understand what you have created and what you are living has been based on choices that you have made.  

Why work with Lynnae?

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What is Energetic Coaching and What is it different than Traditional Coaching?

Energetic coaching sessions are a combination of energy work and life coaching that bring a fast resolution for personal awareness and transformation for a radical change in your life and business. This coaching is a nonlinear process that assist clients for “something more”.

Energetic coaching helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining habits, behaviors and goals Lynnae will facilitate you into your deep-rooted beliefs. Lynnae teaches tools for continued integration finding your own answers tuning into their own awareness and intuition and uncovering their own blocks.

“Change the energy change the situation transform your life".

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Who Can Benefit?

  • Those who feel stuck and unable to move forward. 
  • Those who keep hitting the same level at their career and income.
  • Those who know that what they are doing is not work and are ready for something different.
  • Those who need support in life transitions with money, marriage, children, recovery, divorce death, .
  • Those who are in transition from  one career to another.
  • Those who want to enjoy their current career more.
  • Those who feel anxious, fearful or disconnected.
  • Those who are willing and ready for change and ready to be great.
  • Those that want more awareness.
  • Those wanting to Increasing healthy behaviors.
  • Those wanting reduction in pain levels.
  • Those creating more balance in their lives.

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Rochelle M English  

I've had the pleasure and the "Wow!", of learning with Lynnae for a few months now. Her way of teaching and contributing to a new possibility of living my life and bettering my life, has been a game changer. Molds I felt stuck in, old ideas that I felt hampered by and opinions that are hindering my growth, are now crumbling around me. She's a delight to share space and energy with. 🙂



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Kim Frazer  

Lynnae is a very open vessel of love. She is so willing to help you through anything that stops you. Sometimes we don’t know what stops us but an outsiders point of view to look at our own point of view on where we might judge moves mountains! When we can dissipate our judgment and turn it into pure love starting with self… Amazing breakthroughs occur! She has helped me move mountains and will continue to do so she is my true life coach!!!